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The Cherry On Top Of What?

Training time is valuable right? Not everyone is lucky enough to work in a gym and train endlessly (yay for me). So if you struggle to make it to the gym, you better make it worth your while.

Don't worry about the finishing touches (i.e the cherry on top) until you've chiseled out a high-performance-ass-kicking-machine-of-a-rig.

The first thing to look at is exercise selection.

Two words – Big and Basic! Choose multi-joint exercises that target big muscle groups. Anyone who knows me or has followed a program of mine will know that means; Squats, Deadlifts, Presses and Pulls or variations of each that suit each individual.

Exercise selection truly isn’t rocket science, nearly everybody should be doing some version of these lifts. You need to earn the right to do all the fancy little extras. Yes, this is me telling you that you should spend a lot more time dialing in your squat than even thinking about leg extensions. Like, a lot more time (note; I really don’t like leg extensions anyway). You should do your “hammy” work with Deadlifts/RDL’s, not isolated hammy curls. No one is impressed by what you can cable fly, get your damn bench up! This is me telling you, if you only train 3/week you don’t need an “arms day”.

The big basics are tried and tested and they work. Get good at them, then get better at them.


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