Group Sessions

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30pm

Our Group sessions are a little different. It's not about making you suffer through exhausting exercises while a "coach" screams in your face.


That's not how we do things down here. It's all about staying on the move, keeping the work rate high and enjoying the highly varied exercises we use.


These sessions cater for all fitness levels but believe me when I say these sessions can get hard, like, very hard, but only if you want them to, because best of all, YOU set YOUR pace.

New members are always welcome, simply fill out the form below and join the crew.

Our sessions have a constantly varying structure so no two sessions are ever the same.

Be ready for a big mix of strength, bodyweight and conditioning exercises using everything at our disposal including: kettlebells, slam balls, rowers, dumbbells, skipping ropes, air bikes, ski-ergs, tyres, battle ropes, wall balls, just to name a few.

At Smith's Fitness we love our big movements! Why? Well, because they develop strength like nothing else and are metabolically demanding, meaning they are perfect for those looking to get strong and get in shape.

The last and most important part of our group sessions is obviously the group itself. We have an awesome crew of hard workers who love ripping in, the energy is infectious and it makes each session that much more enjoyable.

So if group sessions are your jam, we've got you covered. Pop your details below and get in touch.