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SF101 is the best program I've ever written. The reason being, it is exactly what so many need when their goal is to get stronger and start to look like they lift.


It provides the structure, progression and accountability that is required to improve your overall strength in a smart, simple and easy to follow method.

Big, highly effective, mutil-joint exercises coupled with progressive overload and a fool proof testing protocol means that your hard work will pay off and be seen in 5 weeks (Week 5 is for PBs!!).


Add to that the ease of repeating this 5 week block and SF101 sets you up to succeed again and again.


That's why it's my best program ever.


Grab SF101 today, you'll be glad you did.


Provided as both PDF and Mobile app version

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Hey, my name is AJ Smith I'm the Owner/Head Coach here at Smith's Fitness.

Over most of the last decade I've help a huge range of people get fitter and stronger. From complete beginners to national level athletes.

When I first started my gym I wrote programs for every single member.

As we grew it became a task I quickly needed to optimise.

I began to make templates out of these programs and SF101 was born!

It has since been put to use up to a hundred times by members of my gym with a huge success rate.


Being a 3 day per week program SF101 is


easy to implement.

Too often people over estimate how much time they can commit to their training program. Leading to poor consistency and a lack of results.


Most people don't need to do more than 3 strength sessions per week to see the progress they want.

there is no fluff


SF101 gets straight to it with big, easy to learn, multi-joint exercises that are performed with

high frequency

helping you perfect your technique from session to session and see progress by implementing the basic sports science principle of


progressive overload.

By using percentage based loading the prescribed weights provided within the program are




to each person's strength levels. There are also explanations describing how to progress if you are unsure of your percentages and repetition maximums.

After 4 weeks of hard work SF101 includes

fool proof testing

this keeps you motivated as you have a goal to constantly work towards that is only ever a month away.

Once the testing is over and you've got some shiny new personal records you can plug them back into the program and get back to work because the program is 

easily repeatable


Provided as both PDF and Mobile app version

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