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We got a new hack squat and it rips!

Just before Christmas I got my hands on a new hack squat machine. Our old hack squat is awkward as fuck and to be honest I use it more as a viking press machine than to squat with. While the old one uses a pivot point, leverage setup, the new one is on guides. A reverse leg press style if you will. I picked this one up off Marketplace (have a mentioned that I rule at Marketplace) from a gym up in the city. The new ute came in super handy, loaded that sucker up and no accidents this time.

Anywho, the reason the new hack squat rips is because it allows people who struggle with squat depth to get into a deeper squat with relative ease. Sure there are other ways to do it, heels elevated etc etc but not with the ease of our new hack squat. You can take this thing to the basement!! The base platform is nice and wide and sturdy allowing for a range of different stance setups from narrow to super wide, close in or even out in front. Unluckily some shorter folks will come across the machine setup on the top setting and be unable to unrack the thing. If this is you, please get an adult to help.

I have found that using a band looped around the back of the machine and onto the rear loading sleeve is a great way to unweight the machine. This comes in handy for beginners and those just finding their way through that new, deep range of motion. Peep the pic below on how to set up the band.

Along with the increased range of motion comes the added stability of the hack squat machine in general. The thing is on guides, so all you have to do is worry about squatting the damn thing. It makes for an easy to use machine that can be utilised at a very high intensity. I know I'm probably going to use the hack squat as a squat assistance exercise and MASSIVE QUAD BUILDER

and I'll favour the higher rep ranges like 12s+ but you could easily use this machine with most rep and set schemes depending on your overall goal. **I nearly forgot to mention, you can also use it as a calf raise machine.

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