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Consistency Breeds Condition

One of my mates and old gym members Josh has a notebook, a regular notebook, it’s about 200 pages, A4, double sided, 7mm ruled.

So what?! I can hear you say.

Well in this book, Josh has written down every single training session he has done for the last 305 days and counting. 305 days in a row! Doing something to be fitter, stronger and healthier. Josh was an original client of mine from back in the garage days before he moved to the US for work, he wasn’t completely out of shape by any stretch, but it had got to a point where he said “enough is enough”. A simple switch in mindset and his trusty notepad which slowly started to keep him accountable, day after day he slowly started to developed his new habit. He is now in the best shape of his life and a huge 25 kgs down. No secret program, no magic diet, just a change in mindset that consistency was the key.

Back to the title of this post – “Consistency breeds condition”. Josh is a perfect example, for the best part of a year, he’s consistently been doing some fitness type of shit nearly every day. He rarely followed a strict training program; he doesn’t totally limit his diet – but he does consistently make good decisions when it comes to food; there’s that word again…. Consistency.

So, let me put it quite simply; If you are consistently doing some fit and strong shit, you’ll probably end up being fitter and stronger (worry about the subtleties later!) And, with all due respect if you’re consistently doing some lazy shit, you will probably end up unfit and lazy.

The people that I see make the best progress are the ones that turn up consistently. I see others come and go and some do work really hard when they do train, but they lack the one key ingredient to make substantial changes.

I don't like being that corny motivator guy, it's really not me. I like action!


get to fucking work.

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