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Skinning The Same Cat.... Wait, What?

As a fitness professional I have seen and heard it all when it comes to weight loss and diets. Just like I like to tell people about my new front squat PR, people love to tell me about their amazing new diet. Paleo, IIFYM, Clean eating, Cleanses, no sugar, no carbs, zero fat, amazing shakes, smoothies, vegan, intermittent fasting etc etc.

When some people start a health/diet/exercise/regime they for some reason people start to have a sort of political and emotional stand point about why their diet is the best etc. Well here I am to tell you that it’s mostly absolute BULLSHIT and that invariable all of these diets may “work” due to a common factor.


…….And are almost always paired with a new exercise regime.

(that old energy in vs energy out equation)

Now I know that is a highly simplified conclusion, and there is always more detail to be unveiled and science to be delved into, however, the details are so minute that most of us/you/me/people should really give zero fucks.

All I want you to understand is that if a diet is working for you, that’s great, keep on keeping on. However, please don’t get politically or emotional attached to the idea that there is something magical or mysterious at play, the mechanism for change probably isn’t what you’re being sold. But that being said, a caloric deficit is a pretty boring thing to sell.


(p.s googling "Muscle Cat" was amusing)

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