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WTF is this Monolift thing all about?

You know that monstrosity of a squat rack looking thing.

That’s called a monolift. We have 2 of them here at Smith’s Fitness. God knows how or why. Well actually I do know why. It's to help our Powerlifters stay safe, train like they compete and get super strong.

Originally I was never going to get one. They are just way too expensive, then typically you have to ship it to Perth as well. Always yuck.

The purpose of a monolift is to allow lifters of all different heights and strengths to use the same rack with the simplicity of a hydraulic jack system whilst negating the need to walk the squat backwards out of the squat rack.

The hydraulic jack allows us to change the rack height without unloading the bar. With their feet already in their squat stance the lifter can un-rack the bar while a training partner swings the rack arms away. The lifter can then perform their set in place and once finished the arms are swung back into position and the bar is re-racked.

Pretty simple, yet very, very over the top, I know. Powerlifting is a bit like that at times. Bars, equipment, accessories, anything to eek out even the slightest more weight or advantage.

So how did we happen upon two of the bloody things.

Well the first one I came across on Gumtree purely by chance. Every now and then I randomly search for gym equipment in hopes I'll scoop a bargain. This time I was in luck. A powerlifting gym up in the northern suburbs was closing down and getting rid of their mono. It was going cheap (ish) and already in Perth. So I pulled the trigger, got the boys together and drove up to Two Rocks to pick it up.

The second was just as lucky. It was originally owned (& made?) by Kat Rumbold, one of Australia's strongest lifters and owner of Lambda Academy. Kat had loaned it to one of our members Scott during the gym shutdown. Once the gyms opened back up Kat no longer needed or had room for it, so Scott bought it, then I bought it. Rather cheaply I might add. Thanks again dude.

So that's how we came to have two monolifts. Kinda by chance really.

Anyway, check the video below to get the jist of how to use these things.

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