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Why the Trap Bar is Rad!

We've got a bunch of specialty and slightly nuanced Barbells here at Smith's Fitness, in fact I've made a quick list of them;

Safety Squat Bar x 2

35mm Squat Bar x 2

Buffalo Bar

Bench Pull Bar

Axle Bar

Kid's 8kg Bar x 3

15kg Bar x 3

Power Bars x 4?

Deadlift Bars x 3

+ a bunch of random ones

I'd argue to say that none are as needed as the Trap Bar.

The Trap Bar, sometimes referred to as a Hex Bar, is easily my favourite and most used specialty bar. The trap bar works so well because it takes most of the technical aspects out of a Deadlift. With the lifter positioned inside the centre of mass of the bar they simply need to keep their back straight and lift. It simplifies the lift so easily compared to a straight bar. It's important to remind ourselves that non-barbell athletes are chasing stimulus (and adaptation) not skill and strength with a specific implement like a Powerlifter would be.

To me the beauty of the trap bar, is the ease that we can train both the squat and deadlift pattern without having to do much more than tell our athletes to "bend their knees more" or " keep your shins vertical". Sometimes the gold is actually in the middle with a lot of athletes in my experience adopting a half squat, half deadlift shaped movement. A conventional straight bar deadlift wouldn't allow for that little extra forward knee position as the bar would have to travel up and around. Something we don't want. The argument is there that this will allow the athlete to adopt an advantageous position to apply more force through the ground. That's kinda the name of the game.

The other positive of the trap bar is the ability to use high or low handles. The bottom position of a typical Deadlift can be difficult for a lot of athletes, especially taller ones. Who decided that we all have to pull from an arbitrary 9 inches off the floor? The high handles give that couple of inches of breathing room to get those athletes into a better starting position so they can train and progress safely.

It's not just the typical Trap Bar lift that can be performed on a Trap Bar. You can also perform jumps and carries pretty easily. My favourite variation is a banded Trap Bar Lift because again it's so simple. Loop a light band either side on the handles then stand on it (you'll figure it out) and voilà you have your accommodating resistance. I love this one for building power because you can really send it without worrying about much.

So there it is, that’s why I think the Trap Bar is rad. I'm gonna go find another cheap one on marketplace.


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