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So hot right now!

Tom Trbojevic

After 4 games this year Manly had the second worst start to a year in league history. 4 losses and a shit house for and against. Granted more points are being scored due to the new 6 again rule. There best player was out, recovering from yet another hamstring injury, I think it was his fourth in 2 years. Are Manly that shit? Or is Tommy Turbo, that good! Turns out, it's both. Manly are shit (without him) and Tommy Turbo is THAT GOOD! Before he returned Manly had only secured one win from 5 games. A 1 point win over the Warriors. He has single-handedly turned around the Sea Eagles season with some pundits now rating Manly as the 3rd best team in the comp, behind only the Panthers (who are also so hot right now) and the Melbourne Storm who are always on another level. His personal stats for Manly are hectic; 7 games 8 tries 12 try assists Then you add in Origin one. As a Queensland fan his first couple of hit ups where scary. The first set of 6 from NSW he had two strong carries, two quick play the balls and set the tone for the rest of the night. He ended up with Man of The Match, a try assist and 3 tries. Add that to his Manly stats. 8 games 11 tries 13 try assists Get outta here man! Tommy Turbo. So hot right now.

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