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So Hot Right Now!

Welcome to a new blog segment I'm calling "So Hot Right Now"

I'm enjoying blogging at the moment. I think I've found a good little groove for it.

I hope to keep things rolling with everything fitness, gym, culture. Basically anything I care about. That's what a blog's all about right.

Let's get into who's so hot right now

Penrith Panthers Left Edge Rugby League and the NRL is my jam. Whist my Cowboys are in a bit of shambles these days one team that is not is the Penrith Panthers. Boy they are good to watch, they are young, talented and a little cocky. Apparently they celebrate there tries too much. They walk from the team bus pumping One Four from their speaker, wack your team and probably take your girl as well. Personally, I love it! Their left edge has been absolutely killing it. Jerome Luai, Villiame Kikau, Matt Burton and Brian To'o have scored 13 tries between them this year already. Luai surely has done enough to partner teammate Cleary in the NSW team. Kikau is renting space in every opposition halves head. Brian To'o might be the hardest bloke to tackle on the planet, a little Samoan speed nugget. Matt Burton is the best thing to happen for Canterbury headgears since Steven Larkham to be honest. I think the dude is normally a 5/8 but he's been filling in at Centre and making a mockery of the NRL. Penny Panthers left edge, so hot right now.

Knees Over Toes Guy - Ben Patrick I've known about this guy for a minute now and have recently started getting around some of his content. He's been blowing up lately with pro atheltes and even Joe Rogan getting on the hype train. When people come out as "the guy" I'm always kind of sceptical. But this dude seems pretty cool. He's not shilling a product (other than training, but aren't we all) and doesn't seem like a zealot at all. I just finished listening to him on the Joe Defranco (OG) podcast. I like his approach to things he has focused in on movements and muscle groups that are often neglected, it's fresh approach. With that said, he doesn't come across as if he's trying to re-invent the wheel. He is all about helping people have healthy knees so they can function and perform better. The best things I took from this recent podcast are his long term approach, his desire to measure things and his love of sled work. I've always had pretty decent range of motion and functional ability but I have had a little bit of "angry knee" from all my running, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into to some of these interesting exercises. More to come....

Iron Cowboy - James Lawrence If you've seen the documentary you would know that James "Iron Cowboy" Lawrence is an absolute machine. In the doco he did an Ironman in the 50 US states in 50 days. That's a 3.6km swim, 180.2km bike and a 42.2km run (full marathon) for 50 days straight, plus all the travel. That's fucking loose. So how does someone top that. Well, how about 100 in 100 days! This time no travel, he'll be completing them from his home in Utah on the same course. If you're not up to date, he's already started and he's on day 53! It's is ridiculous! I've been following along on his IG since day 1. He's had plenty of obstacles, not just the race, to overcome. The guy is unreal. His mindset is truly something else, he is showing us that we can achieve so much more than we all think. So, that's who's so hot right now. Thanks for reading dudes. AJ

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