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Building the biggest building

One of my favourite quotes is

"Build the biggest building in town by building the biggest building, not tearing others down".


First off, it's a metaphorical building okay. The gyms not getting any bigger.


I first heard this quote from the entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, I'm not sure if it's his original quote but for some reason it just always stuck with me, for good reason.

It's a quote I lean on frequently and it reminds me to be focused on the actions I am taking and where I can improve, rather than highlighting the shortcomings of others just to make myself feel or look superior. That benefits nobody.


For that reason I try to exist almost in a state of naivety when it comes to what everyone else is doing. Sure there is an awareness I need to have and there is education found in a lot of places, but expending excessive energy on factors outside of my control does nothing but weigh heavily on my daily capacity to get shit done. Does it positively impact me to see others struggling, absolutely not! It might feed an ego, but what does that serve, absolutely nothing. Energy not well spent.


On the other hand comparison is the thief of joy and it will creep up on you. Seeing things for the potential you could have as opposed to what you don't have is a must. But again, for what purpose? Moving forward with your vision should be happening anyway. It's worthwhile filtering the noise.


Smith's Fitness is all I have control of, it's the only thing I can improve and it's the only building I can build. That's what I try to do daily, weekly and yearly.


Build the biggest building in town by building the biggest building!


Ta for reading



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