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"After years in the gym and seeing all the fads and gimmicks come and go, the one thing that has always helped improve range of motion is movement"

Motion Mobility provides a direct and actionable mobility practice to improve your range of motion and movement skills.


Movement is the most tangible and accessible modality that can affect true, long lasting change.


So that is our focus.


With an ever expanding exercise portal, simple principles and an easy to use structure, Motion Mobility will provide you with the tools to create a movement practice that is easily implemented, allowing you to be diligent, consistent and most importantly get RESULTS.

This is not a one size fits all routine. Motion Mobility cuts through the noise surrounding mobility to provide you with exactly what you need. 


This PDF download will give you access to the Motion Mobility portal

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Hey, my name is AJ Smith I'm the Owner/Head Coach here at Smith's Fitness.

Over most of the last decade I've helped a huge range of people get fitter and stronger, from complete beginners to national level athletes.

I've seen my gym members try every variation of mobility work and the one thing that has always helped them move and feel better was MOTION.

So I put my head down and worked on creating the Motion Mobility program and portal to collate everything that I know will help. 

I hope you like it. - AJ 


because there is too much noise surrounding "mobility" and people spend far too much time, attention and sometimes money on gimmicky tools and fads.

It shouldn't shock you that moving is the best way to move better.

People just need to be educated in how to perform, regress and progress said movements.

That's what Motion Mobility provides through an easy to platform of accessible exercises coupled with some basic principles and a simple structure.

It will allow you to get to work on the most tangible thing that improves the way you move and feel.



This PDF download will give you access to the Motion Mobility portal

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