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Our 4 week challenge with a twist.

Designed to kickstart good habits and create sustainable behaviour change to help you create your super-fun, active life!

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Active Life Club

starts: 22nd APRIL

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Using our challenge framework our coaches (along with your help) will design your bespoke challenge.


Our Challenge Framework

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Why the Active Life Club?

We've seen a bunch of different fitness challenges come and go. Unfortunately, most are unsustainable, not individualised and have a huge focus on intensity and volume.

Whilst we love training hard (and we will), we want our challenges to be a catalyst for long term changes. To transform both your body and mind and to develop behaviours that help us create a super-fun, active life.

What you get with the Active Life Club

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The next

Active Life Club

starts: 22nd APRIL


How it Works

Sign up via the "Join The Club" button

Fill out our Active Life Club questionnaire

A Coach will reach out to chat and help design your challenge

Join the FB Group & start learning, sharing and ripping in

  • What is this all about?
    The Active Life Club is our answer to the ever popular fitness challenge. Rather than a one size fits all challenge which is typically all about intentisy and volume. We'd rather spend some time to design a bespoke challenge using our own framework (you'll find the framework above). That way we can target important areas for each participant as well as some other non-negotiables. And don't worry we'll still train hard ;) Ultimately our goal is to design a challenge that establishes sustainble long term behaviour change so we can all live a super-fun active life.
  • When does it start and finish?
    We don't have set dates for each challenge. Stay tuned to our social media for updates and you'll be sure to know.
  • What do I get?
    ✔ A 28 day lifestyle challenge designed specifically for you using our challenge framework. ✔ Access to the ACTIVE LIFE FB group where we will post key info & resources for you. ✔ Weekly "movement" prescriptions. ✔ A weekly excursion with other challengers. When & where TBA (*not included in challenge cost). ✔ Exclusive educational content delivered from coaches. ✔ Weekly workout challenges for that extra push. ✔ Long term sustainable behaviour change.
  • How do I access the program?
    Given that each challenge will be slightly different we may use a variety of means to deliver the challenge. Our hub will be the Facebook Group whilst other specifics will be provided via TrainHeroic or other apps.
  • How much does it cost?
    Smith's Fitness Members: $85
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