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A Simplified Approach

Our goal is to provide a simplified, sustainable and low pressure nutrition solution. After years of experience doing this fitness thing we understand a plan is only as good as it's execution! So, making things easy to implement and highly practical is an over-arching theme for our Nutrition Kickstart.


Every week

Valid for 12 weeks

Important Info

Our Nutrition Kickstart is an initial 12 week commitment with the option to continue in a reduced capacity beyond the 12 weeks.

It is designed for anyone looking to take control of their nutrition from a strength/fitness/composition context.

Specific training programs are not provided within this service. Though we can help in that regard too.

Our first intake will be for in-house participants only.

Our Kickstart is NOT designed for those with high level intolerances or pre-existing medical conditions.

Meal Plans & Targets

After an initial introductory period you will be provided with an individualised meal plan that addresses your specific calorie and macronutrient targets.

Weekly Measurements

We can't assess what we don't measure so initially we will do your measurements weekly in-house at Smith's Fitness. This will vary amongst participants but may include; weight, waist to hip ratio, body fat estimate.

Measuring Waist

Educational Content

You will gain access to a number of short videos detailing certain aspects of our Nutrition Kickstart. With our simplified approach the goal is to make information easy to digest (pun intended) and easy to put into practice.

Supplement  Protocol

We understand that certain supplements can play a role in simplifying our approach to nutrition. With a skeptical eye on the supplement industry we aim to provide information and suggestions on which supplements make sense for your specific goals.

Protein Drink

Motivation & Accountability 

As we implement our nutrition kickstart we aim to utilise a range of methods to maintain motivation and accountability. We know what that looks like may vary and is likely ever-changing. Our main goal is to be in your corner helping you to create healthy, sustainable and easy to implement habits around your nutrition.

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Every week

Valid for 12 weeks

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