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Welcome to Smith's Fitness Live Daily Workouts

for less than a dollar a day you get complete access to my Facebook group with live (and recorded) daily workouts & programs that will help get you both stronger and fitter, and looking like it too. You will also join a community of like-minded people all sharing a similar journey.

All you have to do is hit that subscribe button below and PayPal will take care of everything else.

Thank you very much, I can't wait to help you rip in.

**This is a monthly subscription run through PayPal, there are no minimum contracts, no other fees and you are not locked in. If for some reason you do decide to cancel please do the honest thing and remove yourself from the group.

*Always scale exercises to your ability, if you're in doubt ask me

*Strength/Skill work can be done before or after the workout. Focus on an aspect of that days session to get better at.

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