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In Season

**This PDF is a guide that accompanies a program delivered via our TrainHeroic app. Instructions to access the program are provided within.


Structure, progression and exercises that will enhance your strength and more importantly POWER! This program is set to have you firing for game day! 


Designed by S&C Coach/Exercise Physiologist AJ Smith specifically for athletes who want to improve in-season and PERFORM!


IN SEASON - is a 12 week program designed to enhance the performance of field and court sport athletes by providing the necessary strength, power and injury prevention work often neglected by athletes during the in-season period.


The program is made up of 3 blocks (mesocycles) consisting of 4 weeks. Each week consists of 3 workouts including a Heavy Effort Day, Dynamic Focus Day and a Primer Session. The weekly setup is designed to integrate perfectly into your in-season schedule.


Grab In-Season today and have your best season yet!

In Season

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