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GPC Invitational: Lifter’s Lift Award

Many of you may have already seen that Smith’s Fitness will be sponsoring an award at the inaugural GPC invitational Powerlifting competition coming up in October 2021.

This new competition is a step forward for an already super strong GPC in Western Australia, although the invite is going out for lifters nationwide. In the end 15 of Australia's strongest men and women will be battling it out for the title as well as some prize money.

Powerlifting has been a huge factor in the growth of Smith's Fitness and in our recent podcast I made a point to remind Dan (& Paul) that the competitions they've run have positively impacted many gyms across Perth, Smith's Fitness included.

With that said I thought it'd be a great opportunity to support the sport by sponsoring what I'm calling the "Lifters Lift" award. When I first messaged Dan about it, he asked me what the criteria was. I didn't really have an answer. Still don't. The award will be totally subjective, judged solely by myself and will go to the lift that best meets one (or more) of the following very loose criteria;

  • The old stumble, re-rack, then successful squat.

  • Nearly being timed out but getting it done.

  • A successful third staring down a bomb.

  • A huge grinder that looked doubtful.

  • A big milestone, PB or record.

  • Definitely a pull for a win or place, even more so if there's some gamesmanship with attempt selections.

  • Just a massive fuckin' SEND IT!

I hope you get my point.

I'm really looking forward to this. I hope it brings out some of W.A's if not Australia's best lifters. I've even put my hand up to MC the event so I can get a front row ticket to the carnage. For more information hit up @ruccisgym instagram or swing @dan_ruccis_gym a message.


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