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21 Days of DuMBBELLS

21 days, 21 DB Workouts

21 Days of Dumbbells

**This is a digital download in PDF format, following your paypal payment, you will be redirected to the download page :)

Are you ready for a challenge? Well here it is! 21 different Dumbbell workouts that will give you a new respect for this often neglected tool. With over 20 different exercises you will be challenged across a variety of movement patterns and muscle groups. While short and intense these sessions will be the perfect addition to anybody's fitness regime regardless of fitness level as YOU choose the weight. If you haven't done much dumbbell work before, don't worry, the PDF file contains links to videos displaying how to do each of the 20+ exercises used in the program.


I challenge anyone to do this program for 21 days straight and not feel like they've mastered the Dumbbell.

Here's what you get:

 - 21 unique dumbbells workouts

 - 25 different exercises

 - constantly varied session structure

 - links to exercise video examples

 - free ongoing support

**Aggressive Fist Bump**



- For PERSONAL use only

- Not to be reproduced or distributed in any way

- Copyright remains with the author 

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